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MilPro pt111 Question from a Newbie

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Greetings! I'm wanting to purchase a Millennium Pro in the 9mm. I went to a local mom n pop store and they had some nice models with great prices. I noticed on the slide, it said "Millennium Pro", and the word pro was in cursive. I then went to Gander Mt. who also had a nice selection (but much higher prices) and the model they had only had the word "Millennium" on the slide. No "Pro". I flipped it over and it did have the words "pt111 Pro" etched in. So I'm confident that it was the pro model, but I'm wondering why the two different stores had the same gun with different markings etched on the left side of the slide. I called Taurus and spoke to a young lady who couldnt really tell me why.

So I figured I'd come ask the experts why one said "Millennium Pro" and the other just said "Millennium"

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Wow. I sure am glad I found this site and asked you guys. I was ready to buy yesterday, but held off after I noticed the difference, until I could research it further. I just assumed that the one with "Millennium Pro" on the left side of the slide, was the newer version, since that's what is pictured on the Taurus website. But if I understand you guys correctly, the one that just says "Millennium" on the left side of the slide, and "PT-111 Pro" on the right side, is actually the newer version. Thanks for all the quick responses. This makes my decision easy. Well......a little easier. Now I have to decied between blue/black or blue/tan, since Gander had both in stock.

Thanks again! ;D
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