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Millenium vs. 24/7

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Ok I'm new to taurus and guns in general. I've really began to like the taurus brand due to price and that the quality is pretty good.
I was just wondering whats the difference between the millenium nad the 24/7. I ended up going with the 24/7, but I'm still curious whats the difference.
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You just get in deeper and deeper don't ya? :D :) ;)
First I assign a leeeeeeengthy ammo group of links and then he asks about model differences. :)
Nothing wrong with that and a good question.

Here's some links on the question at hand.
Ready to copy? :) ;D

That should keep you in clover for a while. :)

Have to assign homely work...er... homework. I have a rep to protect as "Da Professor". ;D :rolleyes: :eek: :)
Pop quizes can happen form time to time if Pop is available. He isn't right now. ;D
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