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Mil Pro Holster: Take a cheap holster and make it better.

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This is something I did a few months ago. Thought I'd share.

I've got a nice leather holster for my PT111. Nothings beats a good leather (or kydex, whatever your preference) holster. However, sometimes I do not want to wear my nice holster while doing an activity that will, say, make me sweat a lot (i.e., outdoor chores).

For this and other reasons, I began to look at a cheap alternative; a holster stunt double if you will. Due to the abuse I might dish out, I really didn't want to invest any large sum of money. Not to mention this holster probably wouldn't get a lot of use - or so I thought.

I'd seen Uncle Mike's Sidekick holsters a bazillion times at the local retail stores and gunshops but I was never too impressed, or at least not enough to buy one. That is, until I was looking for a cheap holster. These were only $15.

After much deliberation, I pried the $15 from my cold dead hands, made the purchase, and went home.

This thing sucked. It sucked because there was no cant angle. It felt awkward not only to wear, but the draw sucked, again, because of the lack of cant.

I was about to return the Uncle Mike's holster when I was prompted by a poster’s remark on another forum regarding modifying a holster to fit his needs (propellerhead from TFL). So I decided to try to modify this one. If it didn't work out, no big deal. A $15 lesson. I've spent much more learning lessons in the past.

I put some pics below, but I warn you if you're picky about craftsmanship look no further. I didn't take my time when I did this. It was all over with in about 10 minutes. I used a utility knife and glue - the only tools needed really. Liquid Nails made the glue I used and it's called "Perfect Glue #2." There's also a #1 and a #3. I recommend #1 or #2 for the materials involved in this little project.

Uncle Mike's Sidekick Size 12 is the correct size for the Taurus PT111 (and I'm assuming the 140/145 as well). If you are like myself you’ll want a cant angle and you'll need to reposition the clip.

This is really easy to do.

First thing you'll need to do is take a razor blade or other sharp edge, and cut the stitching that holds the clip to the holster. Work your way around loosening as you go. It will eventually pull free.

Next, position the clip at the desired cant angle. The angle I chose was one that could place the butt of the magazine roughly in line with the end of the muzzle on a vertical line:

As you can see with the gun holstered and with the clip at this angle, the corner of the clip had to go:

Here's the finished product with holstered weapon:

And here's a shot of me wearing it with out cover garment (excuse the armpit shot):

Does this replace a good leather holster? In my opinion, no way. But if you're on a budget, need a "stunt double" like me, want a light travel holster or a backup holster... this could be your ticket.
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An easy mod. Over in handgunforum, there's another mod, where the clip was moved about 1 inch higher, so the gun sits with a lower center of gravity.

Two great mods for little investment.

Thanks, trip

Whoops. Had I known a similar mod was posted on this forum, I wouldn't have wasted the bandwidth. Sorry about that. If the mods wish to delete this post I won't mind at all.

Also, you're correct about the clip height. If you want a lower riding setup, raise the clip.

Though I'd caution anyone using a left-handed holster (like the one used in the project above). If you raise the clip above the top edge of the holster, the clip will hit the magazine release, which could be a real problem. This is one of the reasons I didn't have the clip go any higher. In addition, I find higher riding rigs a bit more comfortable.
Good post. :) I might have to try this one as well.
Good post. I have had the Sidekick and it's not bad for the money. The mentioned modifications would make it better. My biggest complaint is that it does not stay open when the gun is removed. It's difficult to reholster. I purchased a Bianchi Professional 100 for $35 online (leather) and it is a good holster. Thanks for sharing this mod.

BoneDigger - you're right. It's definitely nice to have a holster that retains it's top edge contour to aid in reholstering.

I only repeatedly draw/holster my weapon when I'm at the range practicing so the reholstering caveat is not a real issue for me with respect to the intended uses of this holster.

Since this holster has the same cant angle as my nicer leather holster, and sits in the same spot on my hip, I don't worry about practicing my presentation. It should be almost identical.
My office does not allow me to carry while working, so I have to keep the gun in the car. Plus, I have two kids in daycare and when I am picking them up, by law the gun has to stay in the car. So, I have to holster and remove the weapon a few times during the day. However, if that's not an issue then I agree that the Sidekick (with modifications) is a good choice and a great price!

I agree. If you’re going through the daily routine of work, daycare, and dealing with any other citizen disarmament zones... you'll want a good holster that allows easy reholstering.

As I said, this holster is the stunt double to my good holsters.

If you're digging post holes in the back yard for the new fence, if you're washing the car in the driveway, if you need to slip on a holster to take the trash out to the curb, if you're making a quick trip to the convenience store before dinner.... these are the potential uses for this holster. And in those cases, I don't see myself doing a lot of reholstering.

I hope no one is getting the impression that I'm advocating this holster for daily carry. I think of this cheap easy to use holster as I do a pair of slippers. It’s easy to put on and take off, comfortable, and used mostly around the house.
I hadn't thought of the left handed dilemma. I'm right brained as well. I was going to try this mod, now I'll ghave to think about it some more.

Does anyone know if the mag release can be moved to the other side?

tman - to my limted knowledge, the mag release is not reversible. But what if you try using a bit larger holster?

The holster above is a size 12, but maybe a size or two or three larger than this will allow the gun to sit deeper in the holster, which might put more of the firearm below the belt line. This seems to be your goal, right? To get the pistol seated lower?

Still though, I fear that even with a pistol deeper in the holster, the clip is in a position that it will still place pressure against the mag release. I suppose someone needs to try it before we'll know for sure.
BoneDigger said:
Good post. I have had the Sidekick and it's not bad for the money. The mentioned modifications would make it better. My biggest complaint is that it does not stay open when the gun is removed. It's difficult to reholster. I purchased a Bianchi Professional 100 for $35 online (leather) and it is a good holster. Thanks for sharing this mod.

I didn't trim the clip on mine. I didn't have it sticking way out. To reholster, I pull on the corner of the clip with the thumb of my left hand.

I love these modded Uncle Mike's IWB holsters. Another advantage to them is that they hardly add any bulk or thickness to the gun. Big fancy leather or Kydex ones seem to almost double the thickness.
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