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Memorial Day weapons of war shoot

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One of the false things the anti gun crowd like to spout off when they spout off nonsense is to say that ordinary civilians shouldn't be allowed to own AR-15's because they are "weapons of war" :rolleyes: Although AR-15's are semi auto only, I supposed they could be pressed into service just like real assault rifles, just like any firearm could be pressed into service. (even single shot ones) Even supposing an AR is a so called "weapon of war" that would only make it more qualified to be a militia weapon, which the anti gunners like to say the 2nd Admentment is limited to. Anyway, in partial response to this nonsense, and partly because it was Memorial Day weekend, he had a "weapons of war" shoot at his house over the weekend. He lives out in the sticks, and has is own private range on his property. For this shoot, the gun is either a gun actually carried in some American conflict by an American military member at some point in time, or a reproduction of the model that would've been carried. Even though some actual old versions may exist, this was a shooting event, not a display event. It was limited to his friends, family, and a couple of like minded neighbors (like myself) It was an opportunity to test fire guns you don't normally see on the range. Some of these were in his collection, some were one owned by his friends and brought to the shoot. The shoot was followed by a nice Bar B Q. Sorry I don't have pictures, this was a private invite only event. It gave me and the other people there an opportunity to handle and shoot firearms that were used in American conflicts, for an understanding and appreciation of American history. :)

Some of the guns were:

Brown Bess (reproduction) The original American militia weapon
Blunderbuss (repro)
Kentucky long rifle (reproduction)
Henry rifle (reproduction)
Spencer Carbine (reproduction)
some Colt Army and Navy revolvers (all reproductions)
Sharps rifle (reproduction)
1903 Springfield rifle (actual war issue)
1911 pistol 45 cal (actual WW1 issue)
1911 pistol 45 cal (actual WW2 issue) This pistol was not only used in WW2, but allegedly brought home and successfully used by one of the owners to defend against a gang of multiple robbers, at least one of them was armed, here in the USA.
M1 Garand (WW2 initial issue, may have seen service in Korean War also)
M1 Carbine (WW2 initial issue, may have seen service in Korean war also)
M1941 Johnson rifle (WW2)
S&W 38 revolver (WW2)
M3A1 grease gun full auto capable (not war issue)
M14 fully automatic capable (not war issue)
M16 selective fire (not war issue)
Thompson 45 acp selective fire, auto-ordanance (not war issue)
Winchester "trench broom" shotgun (forgot to ask history)
M9 Beretta 9mm handgun.
And the star of the shoot, an M1919 Browning belt fed MG (forgot to ask it's history)
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