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Some of you already know but, for those who don't, I'm an actor. I've done a couple of feature films but, not at the Spielberg level. More like "A ScyFy Original" type of movie. I am currently starring in a webseries called The Stranger. www.whoisthestranger.net It's a murder mystery in a small town with a supernatural twist. I play Gabriel Tilson, Chief of Police. I actually use my PT845 as my sidearm in the show
The episodes are short, 15-40 minutes so, if you find yourself with some free time, please watch and know that it gets better with each episode!

Now, for the favor! We are currently in the running to win the Vancouver Web Fest Webisode Challenge! We have been bouncing around between 3rd and 5th place and we need votes! To vote for us go to www.indi.com and click the three little bars on the top left and it will take you to a join link. Once you've joined the site click here: Indi Video: Big Small Town Studios - Vancouver Web Fest Challenge
From there you can click the blue "Vote" button. You can vote every 12 hours and we greatly appreciate every vote we get! You can also watch the first episode of the series there.

I thank all who vote in advance for their kindness! I do hope many of you will watch the show and become fans! There are 14 episodes out in season 1 right now and the final episode of season 1 will be airing soon! Full episodes are available here Full Episodes - The Stranger - A Big Small Town Studios Original Series

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