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Pegasus, I think I may have worded something that made it personal.

My point is when I moved to the south in 1990 crime was only in certain run down areas of Nashville. The city was safe for families way past midnight. Now there are muggings and shootings right on Broadway.

Crime has moved to outlying areas, like where I live. The guy that got his car stolen was a idiot and should have got a ticket or worse because he left his guns there.

I'm just trying to point out that crime is now everywhere and it's a lot more violent.

The riots in Nashvile were mild at best. Our police are not hogtied but they are overwhelmed.

I'm just trying to show if you carry you better be on your A game. Just having a gun does nothing if your not properly trained. As I believe you are.

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Okay, sorry, I get it. I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in a suburb of a big city with a bad crime rate and back then in that suburb violent crime was something that only happened in the big city. Sadly not anymore. :( Almost every day in the news there is mention of something.

The area where I currently live hasn't experienced any violent crime but then I live out way way out on a flat area on top of a large hill in the middle of nowhere and miles from even a state highway. Right now cities are annexing outlying areas for development and tax money but we're so far from the nearest city it'll be decades before it encroaches where I live. The township has rules that in order to live out here each property owner must own at least 20 acres, so a developer can't buy up a farm and turn it into a housing development, although some have applied for variances (and rejected) and even tried to go to court over it. There are no stores or businesses of any kind within miles. The last recorded shooting of a human being in my area was in the 1950's and that was a guy who shot himself. The record didn't say if accidental or intentional. That's the good news.

The bad news is if you live out here and something bad were to happen, you don't have good landline and cell service to call 911, and you can forget about a quick police response. I had a deputy tell me that depending on the amount of calls in other parts of the county and the # of deputies on duty the response time could be as high as 30 minutes, so if there's a violent crime situation you might be on your own for awhile. Also you will have to go to a town, even a big town, eventually. When we buy groceries we stock up mainly because of gas prices going back and forth to town, but also reducing our exposure to the criminal element. The Amish just down the road take their vegetables on a horse drawn flatbed into the nearest small town to sell at tables. The town is too small to have it's own PD. They contract with the county but that gives them 1 deputy for 3 hrs a day, usually when school is in session. Sometimes I feel like some people who have lived out here all their lives have their head in the sand about crime because to them it's never been a problem in the past. On the news a while back the local bank in that little town and also the gas station got robbed, in the middle of the day. In addition the Sheriff's dept. busted up a meth lab there. :( . I'm afraid it'll only get worse going forward. The town used to remind me of May-berry from the Andy Griffith show, but sadly not anymore.
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