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manufacture date help

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I inherited a Rossi 2" snub nosed revolver. I can't find a serial# on it?! I see a M33 on the inside "crane"? Also, 579D on the same part.
On the left side of the barrel is printed Amedeo SA and under that is -BAO Leoplol DD RS. On the other side of the barrel is printed .38 special. On the right side, behind the cylinder is IND.BRAS (ROSSI) , and below the cylinder ios Made in Brazil Interarms Alexandria Virginia.
Forward of that and under the cylinder is printed - D776897.

Any help would be appreciated. None of the numbers stamped on the gun are the Serial #, as I've put them in the Taurus site - "find your mode" Rossi. None "work"!? So, I'd appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. I tried calling the Customer Service phone #, but I "held"
forever and got no one to answer!
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I believe D776897 to be the serial number. Taurus look up probably doesn't go to far back, nor is it very up to date. A phone call or chat session is your only hope.

By the way, welcome to TaurusArmed.net!
I also have a Rossi with similar markings but the S/N is clearly stamped on the frame's grip. Mine is a clone of the S&W Model 36 J-frame. In the 1960-70's, S&W was owned by the same company that owned Rossi (Bangor-Punta). I acquired my Rossi from a widow who says her husband had ownership of the gun when they married in 1970. Based on that, I assume my Rossi is vintage late 1960's to early 1970's. You may want to contact S&W and get whatever information they can provide. It is widely known that S&W sent a group of engineers to Rossi to assist in the manufacture of Rossi's revolvers thus the similarity between the Rossi "J-frame" and the S&W Model 36.

Bottom left: S&W Model 36, Bottom right: Rossi, no model number
(Top left: Rossi M88, Top right: Rossi M68, both from 1990's)

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