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Beware...bait and switch

The headline says free S&H over 75 dollars with a code. This is listed in the same type, font, and line as the price for the ammo. However, when you look closer, that code is not good for firearms or ammo.

Is there a way to vet dishonest advertisers posting on this board?


Sorry poor choice of words. It isn't really "bait and switch". I'd say this is a material misrepresentation (A.K.A. fraud).

After they've baited you to the site with free shipping and have collected a list of your interests (in the shopping cart) and then retrieved your personal information (name, address, phone, email) they then tell you when your cart is full of ammo:

  • Coupon SH2510 requires a minimum qualifying merchandise total of $79.00.

    Your current qualifying merchandise total does not meet this requirement and the coupon cannot be applied to this order.

    Please continue shopping and add additional qualifying items to your cart and re-enter your coupon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts