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I've been searching for a 10 round Taurus G2C magazine for months now, can't understand why you can't even get one for the makers of this weapon.
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Welcome from Texas! I remember years ago when Taurus first introduced the PT145 and the 24/7 G1 compacts, their mags were very hard to find, too, and there was no gun rush at that time like in present time. It used to take months to receive those mags after the orders were placed. That normally happens when the gun model is too new. The same thing happened with my Ruger's.
well first the parts are made In Brazil!
as i understand it all the parts and most of the guns come in via ship, then they sit on the dock for awhile and eventually head toward the miami facility.
SO it takes time from order from the Miami facility to the Mother Ship in Brazil and back.
add to this that everytime Taurus developes a new weapon they just must make a new different magazine to fit it,and so no one but Taurus makes the magazines, no aftermarket mags usually.
add to that the fact that IF like the first generation 24/7's the comapct was the oddball and you likely have the answer.
I spoke to a taurus csr last week and he said mag's were back ordered and it would be 6-8 weeks before they were available from them
I just talked to Taurus today and was told that the 10rd mag for the 24/7 G2 45acp is no longer made. It has been discontinued??
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