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Magazine tweaks & fixes?

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I'm looking to hints and tips for tweaking cranky magazines. Here's your chance to contribue to a new FAQ for the forum!
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Well guys & gals I know this is an old threade that has been recently brought back from the dead. One rule of thumb that I use is that I shoot it and see what it does. Specs from the factory don't mean much to me when it comes to a gun. You have to let the weapon dictate what it needs. Now I have noticed that on most autos if yall get one that stove pipes or when one tries to chamber and points upward the feed lips on the mag need to be spread a little bit and if it noses down you need to tighten it up a lil. I have found this works cause when you get them adjusted it will feed right ,eject right and the slide will function fine.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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