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Magazine tweaks & fixes?

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I'm looking to hints and tips for tweaking cranky magazines. Here's your chance to contribue to a new FAQ for the forum!
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jwc007 said:
This will depend largely on the overall condition of the magazine.
My fixes have included:

1.) Deep and extensive cleaning
2.) New and possibly heavier Springs
3.) In the case of Cartridge Nose-dives -
The bending of Middle of the top Spring Coil at 45 degrees up
(This is done at the factory on current Mec-Gar Witness magazines)
4.) Polishing or replacing Magazine Follower
5.) Adjustment of Metal Magazine Tube Lips
6.) Gentle Polishing of Internal or External Magazine Tube Surfaces
7.) With Failure of all previous treatments - Replacement
What brand of heavier mag springs do you use? Am using a PT140 and want to tweak my mags.
jwc007 said:
In general, I have used Wolff Extra Power Magazine Springs.

Wolff does not currently have magazine springs listed for any of the Polymer framed Taurus Pistols. I would call Wolff directly for a suggested Spring or try the Magazine Springs listed for the Tanfoglio Compact Pistols, as those tend to be generic fit springs.

In selecting an extra power spring for your pistol, stick with the +5% strength, as you will find the +10% springs waaaaaaaay too stiff. I got some +10% extra power magazine springs for my PT92 and it took about 3 years of use for those rascals just to wear in!
thanks for the advice! am still looking at getting some OEM stiffer springs specifically for the 247pro as am not much into DIY with my pistol.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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