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Ok here goes... Was this gun new or used. If new that is kind of odd to not have mags for a new gun.
Question 1: Yes you should be able to fully insert a mag without chambering a round.
Question 2: If no mag you must manually engage slide stop, if an empty mag is inserted slide stop can be disengaged.
Question 3: Not sure if these would pose a problem or not, my wife has a S&W 1911 and we can use each others mags
as well as Chip McCormick power mags.

I can cycle all 8 through the chamber but I can't load a full 8 rounds into the mag and then slide the mag into the gun without the slide being open so that it chambers one of the rounds when you disengage the slide stop. Are you saying that with the slide closed you can't insert a loaded 8 rd mag? If this is the case then I suggest buying some aftermarket mags like McCormicks. Good luck and keep us posted.
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