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Hope this is the right forum. I've had a minor problem with my PT111G2 in that there's a small gap between the bottom of the grip and the plastic base of the magazine and it's a bit loose. When I fire it, recoil causes the front edge of the base of the magazine to give my finger a pretty good pinch. So far, I've managed to survive it, but it Is an aggravation.

Got to looking and noodling and figuring ways and means. Strip of insulating foam ?? Nope, too fragile and hard to hold in place. Hmmm.....?? Then got the idea of an o-ring around the magazine and pressed down to the bottom of it. Off to the hardware store I went.

The rear of the plastic cap at bottom of magazine is open and fit is fairly close in back - no room for anything. Much fooling around and head scratching and came up with this: Danco O-Ring #39 at Ace Hardware is 1 7/16" OD x 1 5/16" ID x 1/16" H or thick.

This gives a fairly loose fit but snug enuf to be secure, not fall off and not be in the way. When I plug the magazine into the pistol, the tight fit at rear pushes the back of the o-ring down and stretches the rest of it snug around the magazine. In place, it's almost invisible. It snaps into the pistol cleanly and smoothly but ends up quite snug. It also releases smoothly and cleanly with no forcing.

Nice thing about it ?? No more pinching. The magazine is solid in the pistol without being overly tight. It doesn't move under recoil. Try it, you'll like it.
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