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Magazine exchange

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Those of you with multiple Taurus guns... what magazines will interchange... what won't

  • will at 24/7 9mm fit a PT111?
  • will a PT145 Pro 2nd Gen fit a PT145 3rd Gen?
  • why won't the PT111 1st gen fit the PT111 2nd gen?
  • will the rest of the 2nd gen PT??? fit the 3rd gen PT???

What has been your experience?
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The magazines for my .45ACP 24/7 PRO fit and latch in place in my PT145 (haven't tried shooting with them though).
Well did anyone try this yet? I really would like to know if this works
1. The magazines for the 2nd and 3rd gen will definately exchange on the PT140 and PT145.
2. The PT111 Millenium and the PT111 Millenium Pro do not interchane. Not sure about the PT111-10 vs PT111-12.

Dallas Jack
The reason for the PT111 standard pistol not being able to use PT111 Millenium Pro mags and vice versa is simple. The Millenium Pro guns are third generation guns and had frame, internal demension changes, and parts redesign. If the 12 round Mil/ Pro magazine fits into a Mil/ pro pistol, so will the 10 round Mil/pro magazine. However the 10 round standard PT111 mag for the standard PT111 will not fit Mil/pros. Have to clarify and verify this when ordering mags from a source.
Did any one try and shoot the para ord 14 mags with the 2nd AND 3rd gen pt145 pro? ??? ??? ???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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