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Magazine ejection trouble

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I bought a P740 slim yesterday, right off the bat I was disappointed because it only came with one magazine when most reviews I read showed it coming with 2, this is most likely consumer error on my part. I have not shot it yet, but before and after I gave it an initial cleaning, I have had trouble ejecting the magazine. The catch feels really tight and the best way I can remove it is to push up on the magazine while it is in the grip/magazine well and then after I push the mag release I usually have to sorta jimmy the magazine out. Is this typical? I will probably purchase new extended grip magazines. I also read in the manual that the magazine should be loaded for 2 days before the components "settle" and I am only about 24 hours into that break in period. Thanks!
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I've considered takin mine to a gunsmith just so I can have it back within a week lol.
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