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Ok, I have read about the hitting mag release due to grip, mags dropping out for some other reason.

I have 5 mags for my PT111, 4 of which will drop freely when the mag release is hit. However, the 5th on drops a mm or so, then sit there. Even shaking will not get it out. When you go to load that mag, there is resistance after you are in an inch or so. I have no tool to check the dimensions against the ones that drop out, but obviously somewhere on that one, there is a difference that restricts its going in and out. I have not been able to notice rub marks on it yet, from testing it. It is the same empty, and loaded even partially loaded so it is not expanding under load.

I guess I will have to eliminate this one for anything but range use, as it sure would not be effective in a quick change senario. The funny part is this mag is the one sent by Taurus to replace a broken one from the factory.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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