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So here's the deal, my father-in-law bought this Interarms Rossi M88 at Walmart years ago (95-96). It shoots great and has a wonderful trigger in both double and single.

About two years ago we went shooting and we accidentally shot 4 rounds of 38spl+p hydrashoks that got into the range ammo bag. The cylinder was full and we only got four rnds off. The cylinder locked up and would not turn, and the hammer would not come back. As it turned out, the ejector rod had worked its self loose and locked up the cylinder. Problem fixed!

Then I notice this;

there is what appears to be a scratch on the top strap, left side. Now it does not go through and is not visible anywhere else. My problem is that I don't know if it is just a scratch or a crack in the top strap due to over pressured ammo.

What are my options to find out if this thing is safe to fire.

ps we got him a Taurus 605 for his birthday to replace this.


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