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Hi all,

I hope everyone can lend some help here. I have a new M85 SS UL with Hogue Monogrips on it. I bought a HKS 36-A speedloader and I'm having some problems with it.
The speeloader will not drop all five rounds at the same time. Try after try, it will drop 2-3 at the same time while the remaining ones hang up. With some jiggleing the remainder drops. It's almost as if the cartridges are splaying out when I insert them into the cylinder.
I've loaded the speedloader many times and held it over a pillow and it releases the ammo fine. I had a friend try it with one of his J Frames and it worked flawlessly, over and over.
FYI, I've tried it with the factory boot grips, still the same result. I did have a few successful loads with the grips removed. Just a few though, 2-3 times out of 12-15 trys.
What gives here? Any ideas? What's everyones thoughts on the Safariland Comp I loaders? Any luck using them with a M85?


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