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M85 Speedloaders

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How are you all carrying a reload for your Taurus M85? I've tried a Safarland CompI and an HKS speedloader. Both of these must be inserted at a slight angle due to the thickness of the grips, and this sort of jams the speedloader in place.

I may end up ordering some speed strips or Maxi-Fire (??) speedloaders and trying these. Just curious to see if anyone's found a speedloader that works or grips that will accomodate Safariland or HKS speedloaders.

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When I had a model 85, I had the same problem, my JKS speedloader would have to be put to an angle to get the shells started into the cylinder. Unless somebody has come up with something really innovative, stick to one thing and practice, practice, practice.
I use an HKS for my M85 with stock grips and don't have an issue with them. Drop them in, twist, let the rounds fall in, and them just let go of it.

If you are having issues with the grips getting in the way, you can just take a dremmel with a sanding drum and go to town on it. Remove material, test, remove more if needed, etc....
I've been fine with my Safariland speedloaders with my M85 and my M650. I also use speedstrips as well. This way I can either top the gun off or do a full reload if need me. I do have an HKS around here somewhere for the off chance I want an alternate load available (different load, different style loading device).

Bianchi speedstrips for me. They hide quite nicely in a pocket and with a little practice they're as fast as HKS or SafariLand loaders.
I use speed strips, mostly, but I changed to Hogue Monogrips, on my 605, and the HKS speedloaders work well.
Now I carry one speedloader and two speed strips.
I use Safariland speedloaders and they do have a little problem with the grip thickness....but they do work.
I use HKS 36-A's and have Houge Grips on my 85UL... Dished out spot in grip allows for easy use of speedloader...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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