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Anyone have any history of hands on experience with the 415 in 41 mag? Put one in layaway today at my favorite lgs. Looking for holster ideas(owb), grips, and maybe a speed loader?

Been looking for a truck/pack gun since my family and friends and I spend a considerable amount of time in black bear country, and my job has me in Detroit quite frequently. Had such luck with my PT1911 and my PT111 G2 I decided that this was a steal when I saw it.
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I don't think they made all that many of those guns, if you find one I would scarf it up quickly, which it sounds like you did. Can't wait to see pics of your 415 !
It looks like I can use tracker grips on it, found some 5 round speed loaders as well. Holster is the issue at the moment
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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