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M405 Stainless Stellar/Moon Clip issues

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I was in the market for a nice carry revolver and since I already have a Gen1 .40 PT 24/7, I figured why not opt for the old 405ss that will take the same cartridge. I went ahead and ordered one to use while my 24/7 goes back to Taurus for a new take-down lever. (The top broke off mine.) I was a little weary about the stellar clips since I've read several bad reviews of them.

I got my revolver and right out the box a few of the stellar clips weren't firm enough to hold a cartridge and upon loading them in my revolver, the cylinder won't close or will lock up and never turn. It operates fine without the clips but I wont be able to make a quick reload if I ever need to.

Looking at it, it looks like there isn't enough space between the cylinder and frame while using a clip. Does anyone know of a fix or adjustment I can make or will I have to send this back to Taurus along with my 24/7?
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