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Lower Parts Kit

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Just got an e-mail, my AR lowers parts kit that I paid regular non-inflated price for is on the way. UPS to deliver Tuesday! :) Now if the barrel I ordered ever ships I will be real happy. Barrel was ordered mid December with an estimated 12-15 week back order. :( At least it was also at the non-inflated price. I am slowly buying everything I need to do my first complete build, I am in no hurry ($$$) and had my price list from October, I have not over paid for any thing yet, just have to wait on everything I order. That's okay like I said I am in no hurry. Now I have to decide what I want to order next from my build list. :confused:
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congratulations, don't you just love it when a plan comes together.sometimes it's aggravating to have to wait for parts but when they do come in it sure feels good....

This coming week should be a good week, got a few more notices that some reloading supplies I ordered last month shipped Friday and I picked up the pistol grip I want at a decent price. Now if I could decide on the rear stock I will be set for the lower. I like the L-shaped one I found but not $200.00 worth.
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