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Low and Left

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After another 100 rounds at the range today I must say... I am quite frustrated :mad:!!

I keep going low and to the left. I am using the straight heinie sights that came on my 24/7 pro 40cal.

after some time of this, I decided to try the bullseye behind the bottom dot. This was much more accurate and my final 2 clips were my best groupings. I know this is not how to use those sights but what the heck! :???: :???:

any suggestions? much thanks
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no pressure with the little finger did it for me. It doesn't have to stick out like drinking tea, just not using it as grip pressure brought it back up for me. Good luck. Dry fire with snap caps is excellent advice. You can watch the sights move a lot better with no ammo. And you save on trips to the range and ammo. ;)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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