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Low and Left

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After another 100 rounds at the range today I must say... I am quite frustrated :mad:!!

I keep going low and to the left. I am using the straight heinie sights that came on my 24/7 pro 40cal.

after some time of this, I decided to try the bullseye behind the bottom dot. This was much more accurate and my final 2 clips were my best groupings. I know this is not how to use those sights but what the heck! :???: :???:

any suggestions? much thanks
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Jkwas said:
You put a coin on top of your gun while dry firing. Try to pull the trigger as many times as you can without the coin falling off. It builds trigger control. It's a little trickier with a revolver than an auto but it does help
If your doing it with a revolver, and the top of the front sight is flat, I tried balancing it there and dry firing, but the impact of the hammer plays fits. Finally, I put it on the top of the barrel behind the sight, so the forward drive of the hammer drop does not shoot it off the front of the gun "mine is flat there" and was able to work up to as many a 5 or 6 dry fires before it fell off. It did make me concentrate on the movement of the gun while pulling the trigger, DA, or SA.
Taurus24740cal said:
Im checking it out now... by the way for others, its http://www.downrange.tv/
Well I finally got pretty much over the low and left, when I put on the Handall Jr. It changed my grip totally.
but now I am all over the place on the target, so after checking out this drill, I think this will help with front sight movement, and trigger pull issues too. I hope to try it out today or tomorrow, if the wind storms stay away!!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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