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Low and Left

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After another 100 rounds at the range today I must say... I am quite frustrated :mad:!!

I keep going low and to the left. I am using the straight heinie sights that came on my 24/7 pro 40cal.

after some time of this, I decided to try the bullseye behind the bottom dot. This was much more accurate and my final 2 clips were my best groupings. I know this is not how to use those sights but what the heck! :???: :???:

any suggestions? much thanks
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Are you right handed? If you are; you might be dealing with the problem of clamping down just before the shot goes off.

Stick your empty hand out in front of you in the shooting position, then tighten (forcefully) your 3 bottom fingers into your palm and watch where your index finger goes... It drops down and left. The best thing to do is to buy some Snap-Caps. Have a buddy load your magazine for you, dropping a Snap-Cap or two into the mix randomly.

Watch your muzzle direction on EVERY shot. When you come up on a dud... You'll see exactly what occured. Even better, have your buddy film your shots from over your shoulder.
8times.357 said:
Dry fire every day for at least a few minutes - after dropping the mag and clearing the chamber and getting the mag and ammo out of the room - of course. If you set the gun down check it again before you do more dry firing.
DARN! I wish I'd have thought to include that!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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