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Lock box

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I know this is oddly specific, but i have a 2005 Wrangler, with flip seats, and was wondering if anyone had one of these: TJ 03-06 & LJ Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer for Jeep Wrangler (With Flip Seat)

My concern is having the doors off and top down. If i get to a place that I can't carry into (and have no choice to go in), I would need a place to put it away. And I am planning on getting half doors, or tube doors with a mesh covering, to obscure my putting my pistol in the box. Thoughts?
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I believe those are fairly sturdy, and seem to be better than just locking it in your glove box or center console.
Tuffy makes great stuff. JUst secure the bolts properly so rounded edges are on the underside of the jeep. Always a good idea after the install to cover up bolts on underbody with bed liner to hide them from anyone.
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