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loading .223 now ?

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I'm in the process of loading some .223 now, midnight eastern time.

I'm putting together something new for me. Mixed brass trimmed to 1.74", using a Sierra 63 grain semi-point. I'm using Win 748, the first 5 loads are at 24.7 gr(low end by Lyman book), next 5 at 25 gr, 5 at 25.5 gr, 5 at 26 gr, 5 at 26.5 gr, and 5 at 27 gr. Max load from Lyman book is 27.5 gr.

Now my question. At the 27 grain load I'm certain the projectile will hit and maybe compress the powder, is this a problem? This is something I have not encountered before. Even at the 26.5gr. the projectile may well touch the powder. Do I have concerns?

I should add the OAL is 2.15" Should I lengthen the OAL?
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Based on other information and thought on my part I decided I was going to seat them too deep in the first place so I changed the seating depth to 2.230" Max OAL is 2.260" so I should be good all around.
Compressed powder charge is usually not a problem, most load data will indicate that in the load tables. W748 being a ball style powder means that it is unlikely that you will have to compress the charge to get the seating depth you want. If you were using an extruded powder like most of the IMR series then it it highly likely that you would fill the case and have to compress. As long as the data is from a reliable source it is safe to try.
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Looking forward to a range report.

I have a lot of 223 to load as well but am using Hornady 55 and 60gr with 2230 (worked up) and (new to me) Power Pro Varmint.
My only concern when using highly compressed loads (especially in rifles) was that to make sure I had a fairly firm crimp to prevent the powder form actually pushing out the projectile a bit as it uncoiled.
as most all rifle loads have crimps of some degree then that shouldn't be a concern.
I like compressed loads with IMR , that crunchy feeling and hearing makes tingles run up and down your spine!-LOL
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27 grains of W748 seems a bit stiff for a 63 grain Bullet. 27 grains was my MAX loading for a 55 grain FMJ-BT. If it works for you, great! But I doubt I would go there. 26.5 grains is about where I would stop. Good Luck!
just load up in small increments till you see signs of pressure... flat primers (and or ejector swipes which is pretty warm for AR's if you are loading for an AR) if its accurate at a lighter charge you can stop there or keep trying to see if it will tighten up more on the hotter loads. I like them "hot" as long as they are accurate.
I use Varget for 55gr SGK and 65 SGK and accuraccy usually comes on the higher end of the load and the crunching of kernals is heard frequently
even at 2.260... YMMV
on another note primers can change things around...thats where a chrony is your friend :thumb:
Looking at the Winchester data, 27gr will be stout. I would work up to that. You're certainly gonna be in the 5.56 pressure range.
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