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Hey folks... anybody got any info on lightening my PT-111 Mil Pro (3rd gen) trigger pull? Does anyone know any smithys that do this?

I've heard that you can cut a coil or two from the striker spring, but I'm worried I'd cause more harm than good. I've also heard that if the striker spring is weaker that you need to have a weaker firing pin retracting spring too. Also my gun has fired about 1000 rounds with no failures at all, so it would be a shame to wreck its reliability. However... I can't shoot the thing very well with its heavy trigger pull.

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Re: Lightening the PT 111 Mil Pro Trigger Pull

The striker spring is part of a captive unit and I wouldn't suggest messing with it unless you have a replacement on hand in case things go badly. Also, lightening the striker spring is going to inherantly generate lighter strikes on the primer... and there is probably a delicate balance between trigger weight and reliability.

The Taurus mechanism in the 24/7 and the Mil Pro is a design which does not allow for modification. My PT145 breaks at 6 lbs, but with the short trigger release on the 3rd gen... it seems much less.

You might try guaging the trigger pull and if it exceeds that by a significant margin, you can send it back for factory replacement of key parts.

However, if you've got 1000 rounds of relibility... it would agree, why risk wrecking it.

If you want to move into a gun that can be adjusted to your heart's content, get a PT1911... gunsmith's make a fortune adjusting these guns!
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