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Also, make sure you are using the small drum for the two cartridges you cited (.223 and .380) but if you do any real rifle cartridges, make sure to switch over! I didn't, thinking that I could still hit the weight I was going for with the smaller drum and the stem came out.
YEA wait just one darned minute there!!
I was just out to breakfast with some neighbors and one a really nice guy from up north (you don't find many of those) anyway someone started talking guns and debates and I said oh hell here we go!
so he chimes in yes they should outlaw any gun that has more than 6 rounds (he owns a snubby 38) and then he went on to talk about how powerful the M-16 is.
I said in relation to what exactly?
and then I had to break it down in real terms to him about compared to a pistol yea, but in rifle world its a weakling.
I also mentioned that IF that happened that basically every firearm I own would eb unlawful!!
so he said well what in the world do you own!
I replied a modern handgun!
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