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Regarding the OP, is this the article you are referring to?


When I practice, I spend the majority of my practice time on 7 yards or less, but I also try to find time to go out to longer distances. Sometimes I'll set up multiple targets, one being very close range, one being medium handgun range, and one out to 50-75 feet. Also practice one handed, (what if your primary shooting arm is disabled, for example) and other positions besides two handed standing without cover. I'm fortunate that the range master (me) allows me to do this. :)

As far as shooting at 50 yards I don't normally do it with a handgun, unless I'm just curious about what a particular handgun will do at that range. Like for example, the PT111 G2 at 50 yds, then 75 yards. I had to go to my neighbors to do this, because my own range is limited to 25 yards. I would've tried it at 100 yards just for a lark but that particular day the last 25 was a swamp.
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