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Laser grips for 651

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When I was looking for a revolver they had a lazer grip there for the 651 I was looking at witch the sales guy was showing me. It seemed like something i wanted but wasnt really sure how worth it it was since they were $200+ .

So I have some questions for you guys that have these.

How are the grips for shooting does it make recoil worse?

Can they be disasembled easily if the batterys need replaced?

Can you use a speedloader with these on the 651?

Are there diferent brands have only been able to find one?

What is a good price for them?
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I have a set of Crimson Trace grips on my 605 they work great have had the same set of battery's for over a year now and I shoot it on a regular basis using the laser plus practice time in the dark with it. The battery is easy to change takes less than a minute and the set I got has a softer rubber than the original Taurus grips and just a tad longer so it actually helped it fit my hand better. I also have a set of CT grips for a 1911 that I switch around to what ever 1911 I'm carrying at the moment, have had that set for over 2 years and no prob's whatsoever. Remember it's hard to hold the little dot still so don't try at first it will only drive you crazy.
Edit to add I dont think they will interfer with your speed loader, but I dont know that for sure as I use speed strips.
Paying $250 was a VERY VERY hard pill to shallow but after I did I can honestly say it was well worth it.
My trigger control has improved insanely. When dry firing, shooting bad guys on TV, you SEE how the gun moves PERIOD.
Recoil seems about the same.
I take them off whenever I give my gun a GOOD cleaning, three screws and it's done.
I have used speed strips but don't have any speed loaders.
I bought mine at the CT booth at NRA show here in St.Louis for list price. Google "LG 385" and see what appears.
Call your local gun shop and get a price from them, give them the business if you can.
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