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range trip with my son yesterday with my PA10 and 8-1/2" .300, both with PSA nitrided barrels. Ran about 50 each .308 and .300 BO rounds down range, remington and fiocci .300, .308 CAVIM, german surplus, old Chinese copper washed, and handloaded moly coated winchester and hornady bullets.
Fun trying to hit a gong with a .300 pistol and red dot at 200 yards...
but real news is again, when i cleaned, it took a couple brush strokes and 4 or 5 patches with hopes #9 to get them clean and ZERO blue on any of the patches!
even with moly coating when i shot competition with non-nitride barrels, even a SS Keriger, i would get some copper fouling.
what have others experienced?
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