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Kel Tec fans

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I'm a Kel Tec fan as well, and I regularly carry the P3AT (.380 cal) and a P11 9mm on occasion. Kel Tec owners, feel free to post here.
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No big deal guys. For instance, short statured guys like myself with small short fingers can get a better grip on the single stack better than the double column magazine pistols. I'd rather carry,say,a S&W 908, CS9, Kahr K9, or the Kel-tecPF9 for that alone. With most of the single stacks grip and control are worth more than worrying about a few extra rounds for us short people. I would just carry an extra magazine or two if I thought more extra ammo was necessary. Since Wisconsin doesn't have CCW and never will, that is not a consideration at all. Went with the double column magazined pistols that fit, but just barely. House protection or in the field open carry is why I have mine. Extra ammo is then more of a real world consideration when needed. And Kel-tec is catering to the single stack crowd who like them and do not want to carry a double one. May be prejudice and not totally needed, but Keltec is filling the "niche" that others feel they have a need to have and that suits them just fine. For you double stack fans. Have fun with what you have and be satisfied. Might give others that same consideration. I have a 85CH 5 shot revolver. I would carry, and do keep Bianchi Speedstrips and a speedloader or 2 with backup ammo. I would feel just fine using this as a summer time CCW carry firearm to protect my hide in the Milwaukee Metro area. What one is proficient with is what one should carry and that goes for what ever the pick to carry. Don't feel that anyone is dumping on others who carry smaller quanitites of ammo, but there is a reason that some chose lesser ammo carrying pistols or revolvers.
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The P11 could very well be the perfect pocket/conceal carry 9mm. It doesn't need to be smaller. A 9mm any smaller would be a real handful to shoot consistantly on target. Try a Rohrbaugh if you get a chance. An $1100 gun that's very nasty to shoot. It's too small for that round. Even the Kel Tec P3AT is a beast to shoot. You just can't make them any smaller than that. Both of these really push the envelope to the limit on size. As for the grip on the PF9, I haven't held one, but like the looks of the ergomatic style. Whether there is a whole lot of (size)difference between the PF9 grip and the P11 remains to be seen. (by me, anyway). I also have no problem with the long DAO trigger on the P11, or the P3AT. I actually like those triggers in a carry weapon.
I finally found a new P-11 at Silvers Firearms, 40 miles NE of Chattanooga. Here's a picture:

New P11! I Like that OD green. ;D THis is one gun nobody should be without. I like my Tauri, but will always have a spot for KT as well. Both great values in firearms.
I agree with MichaelFM concerning the PF9 vs the P11. I have twelve round flush fit mags in my P11, and one in the pipe, for 13 (I can add!). The grip is not fat, much nicer than a GLOCK grip. I like the p3at for suit pants carry on Sunday, and the P11 in Khaki pockets on weekdays.
I regularly carry a P32 in a KD wallet holster. The holster looks like a wallet so the gun stays completely concealed. There's plenty of times I slide it in my back pocket when exiting my car & nobody knows it's a gun. ;D
Oh yeah I traded my P-11 for a Glock 26. Got $200 for the P-11 & bought a real nice G26 for $250. I never plan on getting rid of my P32 though.
$250 is a real score for the Glock 26. Let me know if you ever run into one of those again for that price. I won't sell my P11, though. I like it. It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling!!
Yeah I know what you mean, but the Glock's warmer & fuzzier.
Here's a picture of my Kel-Tecs.The top one is a P-11 Stainless no longer made,lower right is a P-32 with serial #00048 and the first generation P3AT.on the left

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Hi Has anyone of you ever tried the fobus paddle holster?I bought one,but have not used it yet.My p11 is in the shop.

Just bought another P3AT, this one for the wife. I was afraid she was going to steal mine from me, so I ordered another new one. This one has the blue slide and olive drab frame. The P3AT has become my all-of-the-time carry gun, but moves to BUG when I take the P-11 or the Taurus Mil-Pro along. For light weight and conceal carry, its pretty hard to beat the P3AT.
I recently saw a p32 for $149 used..is this woth it?I was think of using it as a bug.......also what loads do you guys recommend for 32?
If it functions, isn't broke or damaged, and doesn't come with any other strings attached I'd say it is worth $149; for those who have no issues with .32 caliber for protection. And there appear to be some hot hollowpoints available per KTOG.org and KTRANGE.com that P32 owners are using.
TonyB said:
I recently saw a p32 for $149 used..is this woth it?I was think of using it as a bug.......also what loads do you guys recommend for 32?
smooth1 said:
Yeah I know what you mean, but the Glock's warmer & fuzzier.
I don't care much for "safe action" in a pdw and the G26 is too big and heavy for a pocket gun IMHO. I prefer my P11, but the G26 is a good IWB gun with a good holster. Danged good price for it, I'll say that!
TonyB said:
I recently saw a p32 for $149 used..is this woth it?I was think of using it as a bug.......also what loads do you guys recommend for 32?
If I saw one for that price, even though I'm not actively looking I'd pick it up. But I'd use it as a 2nd/3rd gun not a primary.

And FYI, another name for 32 auto is 7.65mm Browning.

For loads I'd recommend (and would use myself) Winchester silvertips, Corbon's JHP, Gold Dots, Federal Hydrashoks and maybe Hornady XTP's (not know as a real aggessive expanding bullet design).

Remember that the load MUST be reliable in your gun. The P32 I had was reliable as long as it was clean, after a box or two I couldn't trust it to run. Clean it was fine. And I had actually given it the 200rd break in period. I know that silvertips were fine in my old gun.

I recommend using expanding ammo even in a caliber as low on the power scale as this one so you don't forgo any chance at expansion. FMJ/ball ammo gives you no chance at leaving a larger hole. And modern bullet designs are much more likely to expand than the older stuff, even with that short barrel.

That's a great deal and like Steelheart, I'd jump all over it even though I don't particularly like .32ACP if I found one at that price. ;D

I carry a little NAA for backup, .22 mini revolver in a folding "holster grip" in my weak hand pocket. The .32 is an upgrade from that, I guess, but I like that little thing, comes in handy for vermin and such from time to time. I've even taken sitting rabbits with it at short range.

I don't like the minimal penetration of the .32, especially with hollow points. I don't like the FMJs for lack of tissue disruption, so it's sort of a catch .22, I guess. I think of the .32 much as I do the .22 or .25, an eye socket gun. Aim for the eye sockets. Just forget center mass. The good news is that the little P32 is pretty accurate at handshake ranges and it's easier to control than the more powerful P3AT in .380.

I have a little .380, but rarely carry even that as a primary. I'm much happier with a .38 special or the 9mm +Ps in my P11. But, it's good to have a tiny gun for when you just can't carry anything bigger. The P3AT and P32 are such guns, can conceal even in the slimmest of pockets. I'd like to have one just because of that, but I doubt I'd carry it often. They do have more whop than my little NAA. There wasn't a little gun like the P32 except for the quite expensive and elusive (like a 2 year waiting list) little Seecamp .32 back when I bought my NAA. If there had been a P32, I probably would have gotten one, not that I don't like my NAA, neat little cap gun and it takes care of business pretty well. I've even head shot snakes with it at close range. It's more accurate than people give it credit for, but I never realized how accurate it was until I got the holster grip for it. It was danged near unshootable without that holster grip, just too tiny.
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Hey all, I'm new here and besides my taurus guns I have a few keltecs. I've got a P32, a su16 and a plr16 I just got the other day. I hear people down keltecs but I have had no trouble from any of mine. Heres a pic of the su16 and the plr16.

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Kel-tec, Taurus, Ruger,and Hi-point are the punching bags for the ignorant and clueless.

I had to give Hi-points their due when the carbine versions are shooting well, holding up under use, and are not jamming or giving fits to their owners.

Several gun forums have become anit-Kel-tec, but for no good reason that can be seen.

Nice collection of guns Muzzleblast.
I used to joke that my P32 was for when I wasn't carrying a real gun (yes, the old 25acp joke).

If I got another one I'd change that slightly, its for when I'm not carrying enough real guns (I dress around 1 gun normally).

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