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Kel Tec fans

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I'm a Kel Tec fan as well, and I regularly carry the P3AT (.380 cal) and a P11 9mm on occasion. Kel Tec owners, feel free to post here.
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A Kel-Tec P11 is my regular carry gun. It is also one of my favorite shooters.

For more details on Kel-Tec guns, check out http://www.ktog.org
I had a chance to handle the new single stack 9mm at Dallas Market Hall last weekend. It's about the same size as a P-11 but half as thick and to me extremely light. Recoil might be a bit stout. Asking price was $330 at that show.

I had an early P-11 that had.......shall we say some teething problems. :mad:
I think I'll wait awhile before buying one.
I would like to have one of their rifles in 9mm.Anyone have any experience with the semi rifle?Looks like fun.
I have both the P-32 and P3AT. I'm going to maybe sell the P-32 as I like shooting the P3AT a bit more.
Had some fine tuning to do on both, but you should know that going into it our you may be disapointed.
So need it others don't.
I carried a P-11 for a couple of years as a BUG. I replaced it with the PT-145 and now the P-11 is my nightstand gun.

I haven't had a chance to handle a PF-9 but we have a Kahr P9 here that is my gf's gun. It's only a couple of ounces heavier and recoil is a non-issue, even with +P's. My gf can handle it no problem and she it not an experienced shooter. Might hit a gun show in early Feb. to see if I can handle one. Just curious...

The PF 9 has run into a host of initial problems, most of which we hope can be worked out. One of the regular guys on the Kel Tec forum has been testing the gun for several months now with different extractors and modified parts. Kel Tec has been providing him with spare parts for his testing. We hope to hear something following the ShotShow when Kel Tec reopens as to what modifications or changes are planned for the design. The gun itself is not much smaller that the P11, except that it is thinner. Where the P11 can hold up to 12+1 rounds, the PF9, being single stack, only holds 6+1. The main advantage I see is that it is a little bit lighter than the P11 and thinner. Personally, I prefer the capacity advantage of the P11, and it is still light enough for comfortable carry.
The PF is only 1/8" thinner & actually a bit taller & longer. My P11 has been extremely reliable & has been my prefered carry.
I don't think I'd consider the PF9 until they've been out for a least another year. Once they go through several production runs, and the gun techies test them and work out the bugs, then might be the time to get one. The P11 has proven itself at this point, and right now is the better buy if you're looking at Kel Tec 9mm. The P11 is also cheaper right now.
4play said:
The PF is only 1/8" thinner & actually a bit taller & longer. My P11 has been extremely reliable & has been my prefered carry.
Yeah, I was going to jump on that one, too. ;D I've carried a P11 for going on 11 years now. I have an IWB tuckable for it, but usually carry it in a pocket anymore in a pair of carpenter's jeans. It has never failed to go bang. Well, it did once, was having all kinds of trouble with it, then I noticed, I'd grabbed a box of .380. Dang, I wondered why they were rattling around in the magazine like that. :-[ Nope, it don't work with .380 ammo worth a toot, but it's 100 percent with my carry loads and about any sort of 115 grain stuff. I've usually got that gun in a pocket, but sometimes I get in a revolver mood and carry my M85UL.
The P11 has a lot going for it. Light weight, 12 round cap with the newer mags, and great price. I see them on line for $225 now; very reasonable for a reliable carry piece in a respectable caliber.
I have a P3AT as well and is my most carried gun. Mine was part of a slide recall. Sent it in and two weeks later I got it back and never had any issues.
I also had a P32 before that and now sits in a safe.

We have both generations of the P3AT and they are our 24/7 guns no matter what else is carried.
My "bare bones" anywhere carry package. Kel Tec P3AT, 2nd Gen. with IWB holster. Regular carry ammo is the Remington Golden Sabre 102 gr JHP, the best round I've found for this gun.


The P3AT is a great little CCW, because you virtually forget its even on you. The Rem Golden Saber .380 JHP is a respectable round, for times when that .45 or 9mm can't be carried comfortably.
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Well, here's mine if this is a picture thread. ;D
That's the one! I don't shoot my P3AT all that much (it really is a handful...the little beast, I've heard it called) but I know I can depend on it. This is the one you can get by with in places that frown on firearms. They will never know you have it. Unless you have to use it. But I'd rather have it and accept the consequences than not have it and wish I did.
The Kel Tec P11 gets shot much more than the P3AT, and carried more in the winter. Here is another "bare bones" carry package, the P11 with the belt clip, no need for a holster.


I shoot a lot of WWB 115 FMJ because its economical and available. Remington UMC JHP has been my carry ammo, at about $20 per 100, not bad for JHP.
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I too have the P3AT and it gets carried more than any other gun I have as a BUG. Which ever gun I main carry, the P3AT will be carried also. I got the Bersa finger grip extensions and a plus one extension. I load it up with Cor-bon DPX and the spare mag is loaded with Federal Hydra-shok. In the winter I mix my carry ammo with FMJ's. I usually carry it either in a pocket holster or Don Hume IWB or Comp-tac Centerline holster. ;D

Can that belt clip be mounted on either side?
I may have to rethink the p-11 again.
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