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just picked up 1000 rounds of Silver Bear (question)

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I ordered a few FEG PA-63's from J&G for a hundred and thirty bucks each after shipping and FFL fee's and they shoot 9x18 which is a caliber I don't have and never shot ;D So I starting looking around for the ammo and found most places to be about 15% higher then the 9mm im used to shooting. Well I found someone on gunbroker selling 1000 rounds of Silver Bear JHP for $153 and some change shipped. I figured it was a pretty good deal since most other websites had the same thing for about 30-70 bucks more. However I do not have any experience with this brand so I was wondering if anyone here did.

heres the link


did I get a deal or is this stuff Junk lol I really should have asked before I bought it I know I know, Im an impulse shopper ;D
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I think QwiksDraw has shot Silver Bear so I'll let him talk about it. I've put maybe half a box downrange so I shouldn't say anything about it.

I did have a PA-63 for a little while. It was only out for 1 range session along with a 44 magnum N frame. Even with the 44 not fitting my hands (44 specials were unpleasent) the PA-63 kicked harder due to the shape of the grip. My buddy who was with (and had large hands as he's 6'4") didn't like it any either. But, it was the only gun I've ever made money on when I sold it. That being said, you might like your much more than I liked mine and your hands might fit the grip frame much better.

I'd say that your price was good as I think I got mine for $145 and sold it for $150 several years ago.

MPanova, I am just shocked. Just shocked. :D

Actually, not. :D

Silver Bear is excellent ammo. Have 2000 rounds of the 9x18 and another 2 grand of 9x19 sitting in the ammo locker.Own two Bulgarian Makarovs. ;D

Silver Bear should function well through your pistol without any problems and accuracy is going to be decent. Bullet weight is of the right type.

This will be a might dirty, but most ammo for 9x18 ammo has some of this as a byproduct.

Check your pistol over or have a qualified gunsmith take a look at the pistol before firing. Recoil springs and some other small parts may need replacement.


Might find this illuminating. :)

Or: www.makarov.com or www.gunboards.com. Gunboards.com has the Makarov forum and Makarov.com has anything you need as far as PA-63 info. This includes parts,drawings, and ideas for spiffing up the pistol if so desired.

The Makarov forum has many P-63 owners there at that forum.

Anything that is under 100 grains is a good idea in the PA-63. Too much for the gun otherwise. Recoil and pressures are too much for the gun otherwise though there may be others who shoot the heavy 100 gr -115 gr bullets through their's. Have some Silver Bear in 115 gr. guise and it still may be out there in limited quantities.

P63s and P64s are smaller than regular Makarov pistols. That's why the warning against shooting heavier loads than 95 grains. These pistols were not designed for it for the most part.

And there you have it. Let us know how the gun works out for you.

There are a few other PA-63 and P64 owners here. Hope they chime in.
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Thanks guys! Quiks Ill check out those other forums, when I get back to work and have more free time to read all the stuff over there ;D
As soon as I get time to go to the range Ill let ya know how it all works out
its fairly decent.......you got a deal. Recoil and accuracy is fair.
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