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Just ordered a Crossbreed Mini Tuck... Shipping time?

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I just ordered a Crossbreed Mini Tuck for my TCP. It came highly recommended and they have their 2 weeks try out policy.

My question is what is the shipping time like? The website says 6-8 weeks but I just want to see what shipping has been like for past customers?
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Ordered mine a couple years ago and it came around 5 weeks. With the current feeding frenzy I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's not closer to the 8 weeks.
Good question for customer service. :cool:
I ordered a super tuck on 2/21/13 and have not received it yet.
As an update... It will be 10 weeks on Thursday and per their site it hasn't shipped yet. :confused:

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I Called And Spoke With Them Today. They Are Shipping Orders From 3/6 Today. She Told Me To Expect About 9 More Business Days Before Shipping....

I had a crossbreed on order 6 weeks ago and after a 4 week wait I called and they told me it would be another 8 weeks, I cancelled the order.
It's Ridiculous The Time Frame. I Mean I Understand Handmade And All But I'm Looing At 12 Weeks!
These are good quality holsters. I own 3 and am very pleased. Mark Craighead was the founder and he passed away last year. He was an outspoken Christian and that is the reason I bought my first holster from them. BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR SECONDS PAGE Crossbreed Holsters - Second Hand Holsters
I just got shipping notification today. 11 weeks to the day that I ordered it.

I hope it was worth it

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Finally came in today. So far i like it alot

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I'm sure you will. I have a Minituck that I ordered about 4 years ago for my PT140 and 145. I just heat it with a hair dryer and press the kydex in to hold a little tighter when I swap from 145 to 140.

I also ordered a Supertuck about 8-9 months later for my 1911 but I never use. Not due to non functioning but I just never carry my 1911 - its heavy! I will occasionally, during the cooler months, carry my 1911 but I OC it when I do under heavier coats. OC is OK in Ga, though, so I have this luxury. Otherwise I'm sure I would use the IWB Supertuck.

Please let us know how its going in a month or two. I really don't anticipate any problems - they are very well made holsters and wear comfortably. I'm one who has taken a nap or two without a pain or discomfort as I really don't even think about carrying when I carry. But, that should go for all holsters which share that platform/design model. Kholsters are almost identical and other brands look very similar too.
Should have checked out Theis holsters.
My White Hat came the other day (3 week delivery time) with a kydex for my 1911 and an extra for my SD9VE...real happy with it so far.
Should have checked out Theis holsters.
I looked at damn near every bolster company. Crossbreed had everything I wanted and not a single complaint from any if the customers. The shipping sucked, i admit, but I'd rather get what i than substitute just to get it faster or cheaper

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It is well worth the wait in my opinion. I ordered the shooters pack with the super slide for my P95 and the holster, mag pouch and dress belt are flawless. As I have stated before, My MicroClip is awesome. For a small company with only 7 employees (I think they have a second location and new workers to help with the backlog) they do well. My wait time was about two months and some change, but I can't complain. The product is well worth it!
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