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There's not a lot of advantage to .357 out of a 2" gun, about 100 ft lbs. Well, that's a good bit, admittedly, but you pay for it in flash/bang and recovery time with the small frame guns. You just have to judge whether the extra 100 ft lbs is worth the punishment to you. With a good grip, though, it doesn't have to be terribly punishing to the hand and can be controllable with the hot stuff.

I carry a 3" M66, but while more shootable, it's a little larger and heavier than the smaller frame gun. That's the trade off. I gotta admit I don't carry it as much as my M85UL. :D I do love .357 as a caliber, though, very versatile and a real man stopper, but it is rather barrel length sensitive. I might HAVE to get a 2" .357, though, just to have it in the collection. :D The 651 is an excellent little revolver, that's for sure! .38 or .357, whichever you decide to carry with, it will get the job done, strong little gun, accurate, and easy to carry.
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