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just got a TAURUS 651 PROTECTOR-2IN / 357--anyone else got 1?

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hi there, i just got the above stated gun ( well here in RI, we have to wait 7days), i got it for under $300, by looking in books seems like its a deal, its MATTE SS, with no hammer, well its got a little nub, which is a hammer, its alows snag free operation but also DA/SA, i have a ton of 38 ammo, so ill prolly just shoot the 38 special through it for a while, i wonder what it will be like when i blow through some 357 through the 2 in bbl!! i just wanted to know if anoyone else has one of these and its it functions good, and what they think of it??? how accurate it is etc--any mods to do? ALSO WHERE CAN I GET SOME NEW GRIPS FOR IT? MAYBE WOOD? / RUBBER AND WOOD???
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Can you shoot 38 special wad cutter reloads / new wadcutters out of a 357?
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