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Yes you can shoot wadcutters out of a .357 magnum. All .38 Specials can be shot out of a .357 magnum with no ill effects to the shooter or revolver. Just have to scrub the carbon rings left behind out, Doesn't have to be mirror smooth in the chambers. Over a time the buildup can keep cartridges from going into the chambers at all. Forcing in cartridges into a very dirty chamber is also not a good idea. If too much buildup collects it is possible for the bullet to get stuck momentarily in the chamber. All that gas pressure coming up behind the bullet, and nowhere for it,to go will cause over pressure. This will result in a blow up or out with blowtorch gas effect to the gun and person as well. I shoot mostly .38 Specials out of my 2 Taurus .357 magnums. I clean the cylinder chambers out with Blue Wonder and a bronze brush frequently or after every range session. Solvents made for this will work also. Might have to put a solvent soaked patch through each chamber and let the gun sit afew minutes (5 to 15 minutes) to let the solvent do it's work. Then use a brush soaked in solvent to scrub each chamber. DO not have to use gorilla scrubbing techniques. A few passes should do the trick. Run the bronze brush through a few times and then run dry patches through to get the crud out. Change patches every time the rod passed through the chamber. That way the grit won't scour the chamber walls and remove metal. Some will pass a patch back and forth through the chamber and then change to a clean patch and start all over again. Patches are cheap compared to the repair bills if maintenance isn't kept up. The more 38 ammo through the gun, the more scrubbing and cleaning will be needed. Each additional shot adds more accumulation of buildup and bakes it on and to a harder consistency. And Native Texan hit the nail on the head. Happy and safe shooting everyone. :)
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