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Just got a new PT100AF, magazine question...

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Hi guys,
After having no luck finding a SS in 40sw, I bought a blue pt100 to calm the bug. It really is a superb piece and feels nice and tight in the hand. The only gripe I have is that the magazine bottom has a retaining "notch" sticking out the bottom of the plate, and is unpleasant to the touch and look. I've considered grinding it down but didn't want to mess with its structural integrity and any future servicing to it. For now, I just stuck a piece of tape on the bottom of it, and has cushioned it some. Does anyone have an idea of how to remedy this?
FYI, this where I got it:
TAURUS PT100AF .40S&W with TWO MAGAZINES - Taurus Pistols

They also have the PT101 for 359, but I didn't want to mess with the adjustable sights:
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Congratulations on the new gun! Sorry I can't help with the mag issue.
I was giving that particular model the "eye-ball" recently.

That's a super low price!
It was a no-brainer for me when I saw the price.
Congrats on the new friend. Can't help with the mag issue, I would just leave it be if your unsure of it.
Have you had the mags apart? I know my mags are hard to take apart. The magazine bottom fits the magazine body very tight. Very hard to get apart, so a little grinding might not hurt.
Back in the day, before BHO was re-elected, I bought two factory mags on Amazon. Now, just the sound of crickets.
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