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Just an observation on trigger safety repair; as of 02/08/2018. As we all know there are plenty of examples where trigger safeties have broken off in normal usages. About 300 rounds in my G2 develop hairline fractures, so I sent it in for repair. Took about 10 weeks and here's what I got back...
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I can't say I'm %100 sure but the repaired safety seems slightly thicker than the original. Comparing with my original (blurry) pic and various pics on google there a difference at the top of the safety, where my original had a rounded edge at the top. My original and several google pics seem thinner in comparison. Again it subtle but I think there more material in the 'neck' area, right before the bulb at the end. Just sharing this with you guys and I don't frequent this forum so I won't be updating this post often, if at all. Good luck with your G2s, I may even keep mines now.
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