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Just bought a NIB 731 Blue titanium in 32 H&R Magnum

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Anyone have much experience with this revolver? I have three other revolvers in that caliber and like the way they shoot (S&W 432 Airlight, Ruger SP 101, Ruger Single Six) ...How do you like your 731's?
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Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us. I knew there were .32 H&R Magnum fans out there but seldom have I encountered any. If we have any 731 owners aboard perhaps they'll chime in after seeing this thread.

Since you like the .32 H&R Mag as much as you do, do you have any plans on picking up a SP101 in .327 Magnum?
I recently bought a used 741. It is a nice gun. I looked at the sp101, especially the 4". I have a GP100, and a 44 Super Redhawk, so it would have rounded out the collection. The sp101 like most Rugers is very solid(heavy). It is also a bit pricey, and I only wanted the 4", which may not still be offered.
I held off for a bit, and found the 741 at a gun show for $200. SOLD!!!
I have only had 1 shooting session this winter and have much ammo loaded. I can't wait for spring to shoot and chronograph. The Rugers are superior for hot loads, and most postings elsewhere are about hot loads. I am after 32 long velocities, so the Taurus is fine. I hope you don't have to buy factory ammo.
The 32 is indeed fun. People get a bit macho with their big blasters. The older I get, the more I enjoy the small stuff. I also light load my S&W model 60-4 3" with 100-125 gr light lead loads. Glad to see some other smallbore shooters.
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