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Joining up from SATX

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Hello all, my name's David, checking in from San Antonio\Cibolo, TX. I've lived most of my 40 years in SA and just recently moved a few miles north on I35 to Cibolo, although I still work in SA.

I had a PT99 and a 3" .357 (don't remember the model) that I have traded off over the years. Currently I have a PT945, about 8 years old, and a PT92AF that I picked up about 6 months ago. Hope to pick up lots of info on other Taurus guns, always in the market for more.

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Welcome Tx, This board has really taken on a "Lone Star" flavor. Glad you found us!
Welcome aboard David! Please do check the Gallery and post some pictures of your handguns there.
Welcome to the forum. We have an extensive 92 fan club here as well as others. Feel free to add to anything going on. You came to the right place. Pull up a chair and sit a spell. ;D
Wecome, from one Texan to another. This is a great place to be...

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