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jennings J22

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Mite someone here be able to help me, i would like to remove the slide to give this gun a good cleaning.
thanks for any help
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Good question but I don’t have a clue. I’ve had one for over 25 years and never cleaned it. But I haven’t shot more than 12 rounds through it in all that time.
youtube is your friend in this case. I have one as well and it's not hard at all.
Check YOutube. I know how to do it, but there will be a vid on youtube that will SHOW you. It isn't difficult. All you need is a ball point pen, if it is like my .25
Thanks guys i will check it out
i have had this thing for ever, and never took it down, i just spray a ton of cleaner in it. Thank again.
WELL i got my j22 all apart, cleaned up, and back togeather, wile apart i found out why the safty hasn`t worked, its missing the little
click ball that lets the safty bar slide over the spring.
have to get that ordered asap.
thanks again.
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Funny, I was talking to the owner of my LGS today about these. (He's also the local police chief) We both agreed that these little guns should have never been allowed to be sold. Talk about a Saturday night special! Remember, they were $49 dollars new.
the price is still on my box, i paid $ 64.95, iam not sure when i got it, but iam going to say the mid 80`s
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