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IWB holster for professional dress

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Hey, been looking at Don Hume's 715 IWH holster for my 85ul carry gun. I like the style because it doesn't require a belt (leaves all types of carry options open) but still gives the secure option with a thumb break. Any words from the wise out there?

I wear a suit (with coat) every day for my daytime job, but like the versatility of not wearing a belt for those 'other' times that my wheel gun would be on me. Any and all comments are appreciated. (within reason :D)
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I love Don Jume holsters, not that much of a fan for IWB. I have looked at all their models. I bought the Don Hume First Agent (H710), for my PT111 and my 461 Rossi. Got only the one for the PT111 in so far, it rides the muzzle right at my belt line, which makes it comfortable to sit here at the computer, or work on a tractor in my barn. I do wear belts if I have pants on.
My concern w/ the H710 was that they're made for such large belts (up to 1 3/4" ?), and the belts that I wear daily are barely over 1". I didn't think such a small belt would help in keeping a gun that rides so high close to the body and concealable. Has this not been a problem for you?
Any other suggestions?
If I was an IWB wearer on a regular basis, and still in the business world I might be wearing a smaller belt. I also might be more likely to wear IWB if I was working that way.

My Belts run from about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch. Narrow belts might make the holster top heavy,in the 710 but in the same vein, you can put the belt over the holster and hold it tighter, no matter how narrow the belt. I have seen this done, but have not tried it myself.
Good idea! Thanks for the tips Robby. Experience speaks so much louder than does a manufacturer's product description.
To ask another variation if this same question. I want a tuckable iwb and was wondering the diffrences between the smaller sigle clip and larger double clip syle holsters. What is the pros and cons of each style? Like comfort where it can be carried and accesability. Thanks in advance to everyone.
I have a couple of open top Don Hume 715 holsters that I still use occassionally. The single clips allow the holster to move around quite a bit if your doing anything physical. For me they're a bad idea without a belt, because the clip can slide up and off your waistband. Mine won't do that with a belt. In my opinion a sturdy belt is important for any holster.
TCB, i just got the 715 for my PT-111 at gun show this weekend...If i were Don Hume's marketing guy, i would call this holster 'Functional Simplicity', for it is not anything fancy, but does do exactly what you need it to do...i do however recommend you use a 1" belt at the very least...pics...hope this helps.



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something like this might be a little easier since the clip is specially designed for shirt tucking...
crazy expensive though
I've liked these holsters. They have a bulletproof warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out the video on the front page.

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