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I know I saw something on this in one of the forums I have read.

Here is the question I have?

I have a soft, man made material IWB holster. It fits both my small guns, PT111 & Rossi 461. I was carrying the 461 for a few hours and when I took it out of the holster the gun and the holster were moist! I know we lose moisture from our body all the time. But from those who have carried that way for a while!

How much of a problem is the moisture on the gun?

Would I be advised to get a holster that did not soak up the moisture and hold it next to the gun?

Who prefers the Kydex?

Would real leather be better?

Is there a comfort level with the three types that I see?

Soft Man made fabric?

Kydex, or other hard material?


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I prefer leather. My current holster has what some call a body shield or sweat shield. The gun itself doesn't touch your body. I know it gets moist from body moisture but it doesn't transfer to the gun nor does it retain the moisture. :thumb:

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Try the Smart Carry holster. It has a moisture barrier that works! I know because I have one. Beats the hell out of any other holster I've ever owned.

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