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It came in the mail

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Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise, my carry permit came in the mail. My primary carry will be a S&W 638 that I will pocket carry or use a belt pouch depending on the days activities. I plan on getting a Kel-tec P-3at as an anywhere carry, soon as I can come up with the spare cash. I think it will carry in the front pocket better then the 638.

Would you guys recommend a different anywhere gun and if why?

Florida's commissioner who signed my permit has the right name, " Charles Bronson" :D
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Congrats on your new permit. Remember that the easiest way to spot most carriers is by them being nervous. Just try to act the same way you always have.

Between the two, yes the P3AT will ride easier in your pocket but I'd trust the 638 to do a better job stopping the attacker. A revolver will work pressed up against something/someone where as most auto's won't.

I think that your 638 should be a nice first carry gun. I wouldn't worry about using it for belt carry though, pocket carry is what is built for (not that it won't work, its just that you might as well have something easier to shoot and/or more powerful on your belt).

A P3AT would be a nice addition but I'd recommend it as a second gun for those hot sticky days. The 638 in one pocket and the P3AT in the other. Remember that you might have one hand occupied either carrying something or attempting to fend off your attacker. If your only gun is in your right pocket and your right hand is occupied you have a bit of a problem. Also, some find the recoil harsh.

One of the main advantages to pocket carry is that you can have a firing grip on your gun and no one is the wiser as its still in your pocket. That can be real comforting as you attempt to avoid the confrontation.

I would recommend something larger for a belt gun, probably a 357 as you already have the 38. A medium framed 3-4" barrel should work nicely. The main reason I recommend the revolver is that you already have one, its easier to only keep one caliber of ammo around. Yes, in case you didn't know, you can shoot 38 Specials through a 357 Magnum gun. The 357 started life as a slightly stretched (and much more powerful) 38. Plus you don't have to use the full power magnum loads. There is getting to be more medium loads out there. When I had my last 357 (it was a vehicle gun, securely stored) I loaded it with Win. 110gr JHP's as they were a medium velocity load and I was out of practice with the full power stuff. It would still out perform a 38 +P if I would have had to use it.

Now, if you wanted to go to a semi-auto for a belt gun I wouldn't argue.

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Congratulations! There are several good sites to learn more about concealed carry. One of the best is www.packing.org. Read some of the posts for more information about weapons and methods. Also, feel free to ask questions here.

Charles Bronson was one bad mofo!

Thanks for the info. I have been shooting for the past 7 years. I try to go to the range once a month or more if I got ammo funds. I have been carrying just for the past few days and I am still going though that - my zipper is down and everyone is looking feeling. :D Which I am sure will go away soon.

I have an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. Would it pay to get a higher quality leather holster? would it help conceal better?
Well, I won't say that it'll conceal any better, but it might be more comfortable. I use a 642 as my go-to gun when it's hot and I just can't bear having anything more than a t-shirt on. My daily carry is a 686, which is a large L-frame revolver (with a 2.5 barrel). With the right IWB or OWB holster, carrying can be much more comfortable. I have just received notice that my pocket holster has been mailed. Up until now I have just been putting the 642 in my front jeans or shorts pocket. The pocket holster I ordered is a Robert Mika holster, and I hear good things. But, I have also heard that the Uncle Mike's isn't bad either.

The "zipper is unzipped" feeling will go away with time. I still have that syndrom sometimes, but I'm starting to get over it. Mostly I find myself checking my shirt to make sure it isn't bundled up around my gun. The idea is to:
1) conceal it
2) check it

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I think you made a perfect choice with the 638. In my case the second gun is a Ruger SP101 2" 357 DAO. The SP will take the same size Speed Loader. I carry the Smith in the front pocket and the SP IWB. The SP is loaded with Corbon 125gn. 357. The 38 has Corbon 125gn.38spl.+P. The Speed Loaders have the +P and will fit both guns.
Congrats on the newly issued license. Now as to a better than an Uncle Mikes pocket holster. Well it does two things well, Number one it does not print like the bare pistol does, as it smooths out the outline, and then with the "grippy" texture on the exterior, it holds the pistol upright and ready to draw, rather than possibly being upside down and hard to rapidly get a hold of. I use one for a Kel Tec P3AT, and so far, it has been perfect, doing everything I expected it to do. A buddy of mine uses one for a small frame 5 shot revolver, with equal satisfaction, and lets face it, they are relative inexpensive. I know some of the new super finishes for firearms have helped this problem, but leather tanning solutions usually are not exactly healthy for firearm finishes, and add some body perspiration, to these acids, and you may have some not desirable finish issues. Being from the old school where all holsters were of leather, I fought using them for years, but now do not even look at leather when searching for a new holster, as the man made fabrics are so superior. Most of the better ones have some sort of membrane or coating to prevent body perspiration from getting to the firearm, and this is great.
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If I may ask, how long did the process take for you to get your CCW? I'm taking the class soon and was just curious about the time issue. Oh yeah, I live in FL., so the time frame will be relevant.

Charles Bronson? Oh my, that is hilarious!
BoneDigger said:
... One of the best is www.packing.org....
Packing.org has been down for several months. Don't look for it to be back.
Packing.org has been effectively replaced by http://www.handgunlaw.us/.

Thanks for the reminder as some members/guest may not have heard.

JRShaw said:
If I may ask, how long did the process take for you to get your CCW? I'm taking the class soon and was just curious about the time issue. Oh yeah, I live in FL., so the time frame will be relevant.


As far as the time frame from when I put my application in the mailbox until I got it back in the mail it was about 4 weeks, my Dad's took less the 3 week. He sent his in a couple of weeks earlier than I did.
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