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Is this used Burris Signature scope a good deal?

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I just went to a LGS and saw a used Burris Signature 3-12x44 scope with adjustable objective ("Twilight/Daylight adjustment") in the display case. The guy I talked to said that he could possibly do the scope, new Leupold bases and rings, installation, and bore sighting for around $175-200 out the door (just needed to confirm with the owner first). The scope looks like it was well taken care of.

This is A LOT more glass than I was thinking I could afford, so I haven't done much research on this model. It looks like similar Burris scopes are currently selling new for over $400, but I'm not sure I'm comparing apples to apples. Before today, I had basically decided on a new Bushnell Banner 4-12x40 with AO for my Savage 110 chambered in 30-06, but this seems like a pretty decent deal.

Any knowledge of this scope and/or whether or not it's a good deal? What do you think? Thanks.
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BTW, I think this scope is basically on par with a Leupold Vari-X III.
Jump on it!!
I had a feeling that was the case.

I'm having trouble finding this particular model anywhere on the internet, but the latest version (same line and very similar specs) seems to be selling in the $475 range. I may have to do this. Now I just need to find a little extra cash to bring to the table.
Burris makes some fine scopes. I've used their handgun scopes on some real hand-cannons and never had a problem. Quality is on par with scopes costing hundreds more.
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...whether or not it's a good deal?
"Eeeyup!" :) Get you one.
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Thanks for the input! :)

I talked to the guy at the LGS again before they closed (after he had a chance to talk to the owner to get approval on pricing, etc.) and, or course, the guy is now back-pedaling a bit from what he originally said might be possible. Not a huge difference -- the owner settled on $150 for the scope by itself, so the bases, rings, installation, and bore sighting would be in addition to that. They may still be willing to deal a bit on the price of those items, but we haven't settled on the details yet. I'm going to try to wheel-n-deal a bit more tomorrow and see where it goes. I'm thinking I may just try to do the scope through them, and then order some rings on-line and mount it myself.

I don't know if it will all come together or not, but I hope so. It seems like a great scope for the money.

On a side note, any opinions on/experience with Burris Signature Zee Rings (the ones with the synthetic inserts)? It seems like a pretty good design, allowing for easier fitment for a novice like me that doesn't have any specialized tools for lapping, etc.
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Sounds like you have scored a legitimate deal there PCS! Congrats!
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Thanks! I guess I'll see if I can scrape the necessary funds together in a hurry and get it before someone else does. :D

The guy at the shop said a man passed away in the area recently that had a pretty substantial collection of firearms, including multiple rifles with quality scopes on them. He said the widow brought the stuff in and put a bunch of it on consignment with the shop. Apparently, the Burris that I'm looking at was part of the collection. Hopefully I'll be able to give it a good home soon.
Thanks again for the quick feedback on my original question.

I managed to scrape the money together for the scope, so I went and bought it today. I ended up going with the scope only and got it for $150 cash out the door. I'm so pumped!

I'll be ordering a set of Burris Signature Zee rings for it tonight from Midway -- delivered for just under $40. I plan to re-use the weaver bases that are already on the gun, so that will save me some money. I can hardly wait to get it mounted and then get to the range to sight it in.

Whenever I come across deals like this, it always makes me very happy..., yet a bit nervous at the same time. I checked the scope over as well as I could, and everything seems to be in working order. But, the idea that it might be turn out to be too good to be true keeps rattling around in the back of my mind. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything pans out okay when I get it mounted and take it to the range for the first time.
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