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How about moving this discussion to the Millennium Pro section where more Mil Pro owners will see it. I own two Mil Pros and was not aware of this gun until I stumbled upon it here in "Other Taurus Pistols". Even though there are no Millennium Pro markings on the slide, the similarities are obvious, the big brother PT745 is a Mil Pro, and the PT709 is definitely not a 24/7.

Looking at the images and comparing to my PT111, the slide top is more rounded with more metal machined away, the slide is thinner lighter and of less height, the frame is thinner, the trigger guard is rounded (should be easier to fit holsters), the frame is smoothed with no edges or corners, the barrel is blued, the sights are less expensive but perfectly functional screw-on 3-dot types, the disassembly system is like that of a Glock, the slide-mounted key lock is gone, the trigger pull is shorter, the barrel is longer, the two frame pins are relocated, the ejection port is higher, the loaded chamber indicator has been eliminated, and the extractor is shortened.

Like some pistols of this type, the grip will probably be too slim for me, but that will be easily solved with a Hogue Handall Jr. slip on grip. I have found that some single stack magazines nose dive rounds (Kahr namely) more than double stack mags. The slight difference in slimming that you get from a single stack does make a big difference in comfort when I carry a gun IWB at the small of the back.

If the screw on sights stay on production models, this could be a sign of cost cutting, bring the price significantly below the cost of a regular Mil Pro to make it more competitive with low-priced rival pocket pistols. I am a little surprised they don't have Heinie dovetail sights which have become standard for Taurus pistols. There may be savings in slide machining costs with the screw on type. They do go along with the no edge look of the gun.

Similarly, the blued barrel may be another cost cutting measure. It may be cheaper to machine and chrome line a carbon steel barrel rather than machine a stainless barrel.

There are perhaps a dozen fewer parts. I think the target price may be $299 at the gun shop.

Edit: Oops, I thought I was replying to the PT709 topic http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/index.php?topic=4957.0and did not mean to start a new topic.
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