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Probably not, and it might be rougher on the gun as well as cause function problems. There are a couple of methods to help with this though. Use lighter grain bullets (e.g. when shooting a .40 S&W, going from 180 grain bullets to 160 makes a surprising difference.)

Change ammo brand/reload. I reload and most if not all my home loads are equal to or exceed the factory loads in fps. However, I do notice that the factory stuff (we'll use Winchester White Box .45 ACP, 230 grain as our example) has a much more pronounced report and more perceived recoil than most of my home 230 grain loads. Powder selection, seating depth and a few other factors play heavily into this. You can have two loads that travel at basically the same velocity, but have much different pressures.

Shoot a lot! Unless you're shooting magnums at full loads (I'm guessing not, as your asking about recoil springs) one of the surest methods is to shoot thousands of rounds until you are comfortable with the perceived recoil and muzzle flip. In essence, you're building your "shooting" muscles and as your hands get tougher and stronger, the muzzle flip will bother you less and less. Also, are you sitting or standing for the majority of your shooting? I ask as sitting while shooting will reduce the absorption of recoil and may be contributing to the muzzle flip.

I say this assuming you are moderately new to shooting or maybe not new, but with a few hundred rounds through the pistol type.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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